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2017 Book Review #1 – Peculiar Children


Alrighty, my first review of the year! This is now a Major Motion Picture, but I haven?t seen the movie yet ? so straight up opinion on the book itself.

First off, I really enjoyed the concept. The author talks about finding old photos and putting together a fantastical story based on the weird things he saw in the images. In some cases, he had an idea in his mind, and he?d go looking for a picture to match that idea. Other times, he would find the photo first and work it into the story.

The book I read had copies of the photos too, so I got to see all the things he saw. Absolutely loved this.

The premise was unique as well. An orphanage for peculiar children, stuck in time. I won?t go too deeply into this, because I?ll mess it up. It?s complicated and I don?t want to spoil it.

The characters are great ? obviously unique in that they have different abilities and peculiarities. But not just that, they also show incredible growth.

My favourite character is the grandfather. He dies early on, but he?s truly the heart and soul of this book. My heart aches for him. His only want in life is to be normal, but he?ll never be that. He?s considered crazy amongst commoners, and he outgrows his peculiar friends. He?s alone.

These are the strengths of the book for sure: character development, character growth, and udder strangeness.

My dislikes ? because there has to be something? Emma Bloom. I like this girl, she?s got a large heart and a strong will. But she was in love with Abe Portman until she met Jacob Portman. This is my dislike. Yes, it is sort of realistic in the way young girls flip flop in their romantic feelings, but given the relationship between Abe and Jacob, it leaves me unsettled. Particularly because in both cases, the young men return her love. I feel like Jacob should not have had the same feelings that Abe did.

That?s pretty much it. The concept of ?the loop? is a bit confusing, but it grew on me. The ending is left in suspense making me want to read the next in the series very soon.

Overall, I highly recommend this read to Young Adults and anyone with a sense of adventure.

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