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2017 Two Book Reviews – Rosie Project & Sweet

It?s Family Day in Ontario ? and other provinces in Canada. That means we all get a day off from work and school, most places are closed, and we get a quality day with the ones we love.

So I wanted to write this post prior to the kiddos waking up, because as soon as they?re up, all my attention will be devoted to them and the hubby.

I finished all three books! Can you believe it? Not even three weeks, and I finished reading all the books I said I would this month!

Here are my mini reviews:


Loved, loved, loved! The book is told through the perspective of Don Tillman, a brilliant scientist and genetics professor. He is super smart but socially awkward. He wants to find a wife, but since he has few friends and he?s not the greatest at conventional dating, he comes up with his own method for finding a suitable partner.

He soon meets Rosie, who comes to him with a genetics problem. Don quickly dismisses Rosie as an acceptable candidate for marriage, but he agrees to help her with her conundrum. Don is then thrown into a bunch of random social situations and hilarity ensues.

At the beginning, I disliked Don. He?s awkward, and so ignorant to emotions and social cues that it?s frustrating. Except he?s meant to be. And he?s so innocent, it?s endearing and therefore lovable.

I recommend this book to just about everyone. Looking for love? Read this. Suffering or know someone who suffers from mental illness? Read this. Think of yourself as an outcast or underdog? Read this. Like to exercise and follow a healthy meal plan? Read this. Have family drama? Read this.

Just freaking read this.

Unless you?re like my writing buddy, Jennifer Bogart, and have a pet peeve with list writing. This book has many lists, but since that?s how Professor Tillman problem solves, I find it makes sense. The lists are logical and suit the tone of the novel. So read it already!


SWEET By Emmy Laybourne

Also enjoyed this book. The story is of teenage Laurel and Viv who board the Cruise to Lose, an extravagant week-long excursion with wealthy unfamous people and reality TV stars.

The new weight loss supplement, Solu, launches and anyone lucky enough to be on this ship get to be the first to try it.

The novel alternates perspectives between Laurel, a shy ?average? girl who is too seasick to try the new sweetener, and Tom, a child TV star-turned hunk who worked too hard on his image the natural way, he doesn?t want to blow it by taking an artificial supplement.

It reminds me of a teenage ?28 Days Later? ? except it all happens in 6 days. I really enjoyed the relationship growth between Laurel and Tom, they are smitten with each other from the get-go, but since there is so much happening on the boat, the romance really isn?t the focal point. Which is a nice change?

Sweet goes from innocent to horribly dark with a few twists you just don?t see coming, and some you do even though you hope don?t happen.

One of my writing peeves (see, Jennifer, I have one too) is when thoughts occur in parenthesis (ironic that I just did that as well). This always seems like an afterthought by the author and generally pulls me out of the story. These ?afterthoughts? occur often in this book, however, they didn?t annoy me. Mostly it was Laurel?s behaviour, and it worked for her.

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes YA Fiction ? but be prepared for the nightmares to follow.


NIGHT ORCHID By L. Lombard ? review to follow later in the month. Since it was an early draft, I want to wait until this is published before I say anything else. In the meantime, go read Ebo, the first book in this two-book series. Totally worth it!

Favourite quote from The Rosie Project:

I need not be visibly odd. I could engage in the protocols that others followed and move undetected among them. And how could I be sure that other people were note doing the same ? playing the game to be accepted but suspecting all the time that they were different?

Favourite quote from Sweet:

?there?s a rumor that if Solu really is the solution to the obesity epidemic, you two will be on the short list for a Nobel Prize.? ? That is how rumors get started. You just start them.

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