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Britney Fairweather and the Memory Thieves

Britney Fairweather and the Memory ThievesWith her trusty sidekick, Mustard the Labradoodle, each day is a new adventure for Britney Fairweather, a feisty teenager whose imagination often overtakes her good sense.

Not only has the nutmeg disappeared, so have the oven mitts, and store-bought cookies! With a new mystery to solve, Britney and Mustard search the house, determined to figure it out before her mother returns.

Armed with courage and night-vision goggles, the two believe they are after house elves.

Rarely dangerous, these mischievous creatures collect and hide all kinds of treasures they find in human homes.

This isn?t Britney?s first encounter with them ? the last time she met up with them she learned a startling revelation about herself: one that changed her future forever.

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Letters and Illusions by Jaclyn Aurore

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