It Never Happened – A Max Cole Story

The acclaimed first book in the Starsville trilogy, It Never Happened – A Max Cole Story is now available to purchase via digital download for just $5.99!


It Never Happened - A Max Cole Story


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Max deals with high school the way she deals with panic attacks… deep breaths and denial. But denying her brother’s friend is another thing altogether.

Her nickname is ‘The Kid.’ She’s small, she’s socially awkward, and she desperately wants to be left alone.

For most of her childhood, Max was punished for speaking, or for just being in the way. Life improved slightly when her abusive father was no longer in the picture, but she still felt the need to be invisible.

Her older brother, Nate, is extremely protective and refuses to leave her side. He shelters her so she won’t be hurt again.

They had a good system until he introduced her to his new best friend.

Drew wants to coax Max out into the world so she can move beyond the pain. The method each boy takes in helping Max cope with her anxiety causes more conflict than Max is prepared to handle… especially when the school heart-breaker offers her more than a brotherly shoulder to lean on.

It Never Happened is the first book in the Starsville trilogy but can also be read as a stand alone novel. Starsville is a fictional town located in southern Ontario, Canada.

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Today is an exciting day for me – the release of It Never Happened, the first book in my Starsville trilogy of Young Adult Fiction books.

It’s been a true labour of love as I’ve taken it from an idea I had when I was pregnant with my first child, to the book that (hopefully!) you’re about to download and read from either your e-reader or laptop/tablet.

I’ve been really humbled by the feedback I’ve had about the book, and especially the characters. I had a certain goal when writing, and that was to truly make your feel for Max and her story – hopefully, and going by preview reader and peer feedback, I’ve achieved that.

And now it’s your turn – you can buy the book right now for just $5.99, by clicking the Add to Cart button below. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account – you can choose to pay by credit card on the main PayPal screen when completing your order.

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Or, download the first eight chapters to introduce yourself to Max, Nate, Drew and the Starsville community. You might even find a little surprise at the end of chapter eight for the full book…

Thank you for being here, and as always, let me know what you thought of the book!


Jaclyn x

  • Update: if you have a Kindle, you can now buy directly from Amazon – click here to buy. Thank you!

Praise for It Never Happened – A Max Cole Story:

“Wonderfully human”;
“Twilight without the vampires”;
“Evokes the awkwardness of teenage life perfectly”; and
“Heart-wrenching and heartwarming at the same time”

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