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Standing Up – Book Two of The Starsville Saga

Standing Up by Jaclyn AuroreAfter over two years of innocent flirting, Drew finally admits he has feelings for his best friend?s little sister, but the news isn?t received well.

In the sequel to Starting Over, Max Cole starts going out with the captain of the hockey team, but doesn?t know the first thing about having a boyfriend. Her older brother thinks she?s too young to go on dates, so he sets out to sabotage her relationship with Drew.

Nate?s plan works but at the expense of his sister?s happiness. Only then does he learn that when she?s miserable, so is everyone else.

As the three struggle to maintain their strong bond, Nate loses his best friend, Drew loses his girlfriend, and Max loses her sanity. Together they need to decide what?s most important in order to get back what they once had.


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