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Starting Over – Book One of The Starsville Saga

Starting OverMax deals with high school the way she deals with panic attacks – deep breaths and denial. But denying her brother’s friend is another thing altogether.

Her nickname is The Kid. She ?s small, she ?s socially awkward, and she desperately wants to be left alone.

For most of her childhood, Max was punished for speaking, or for just being in the way. Life improved slightly when her abusive father was no longer in the picture, but she still felt the need to be invisible.?

Her older brother, Nate, is extremely protective and refuses to leave her side. He shelters her so she won’t be hurt again.

They had a good system until he introduced her to his new best friend.?

Drew wants to coax Max out into the world so she can move beyond the pain. The method each boy takes in helping Max cope with her anxiety causes more conflict than Max is prepared to handle – especially when the school heart-breaker offers her more than a brotherly shoulder to lean on.


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Praise for Starting Over

?Starting Over feels like a memoir from someone who?s taken every single one of Max?s footsteps. My eyes watered up when Max was frozen inside her bedroom, unable to even look away. This is a powerful and raw read.? Michael David Matula, author of Try Not to Burn.

?The voice of Max is so spot-on, and her issues and personality ? as well of those around her ? are very human and real. She?s validation for those who have been in her shoes, and builds empathy for those who have not. Bravo!? Tod Schneider, author of The Lost Wink.

?Max?s story is enthralling and captivates the reader from the start. Jaclyn Aurore?s writing envelopes the reader into Max?s world and from the first moment you meet her, you?re hooked.? Sara Stinson, author of Finger Bones.

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