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The Glass is Half Optimistic

Do you ever have someone say to you, “What’s with the attitude?” or “Where’s your optimism?” and then make some reference to the glass being half full?

Apparently if you see the glass as half empty, you’re a pessimist.

I disagree.

If you pour yourself a beverage and only want half a glass – this is half full.

If you have a full glass and accidentally spill it to the halfway line – this is half empty. You’ve spilled half. It’s a fact. It’s not a direct correlation to your view on life, it’s simply a glass that has half its contents.

Or we can look at this differently.

Let?s say the glass contains dog urine, and someone threatens your life: drink this entirely or else ______ (fill in blank with worst thing ever).

Looking at it as ?half full? is not actually the more positive outlook. It being half empty is more encouraging. You?re halfway there!

Or if the glass contains the anecdote to whatever poison is ailing you. If a full glass will cure you, and the glass is half full ? this is discouraging. Unless it’s because you’ve consumed half already, in which case the above still applies. The glass is half empty, you’re halfway there!

Optimism is an outlook. A viewpoint. But it is not how you see the glass, it is what?s inside that counts.

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  1. Interesting thoughts – although I think for the person who only wanted half a beverage, then a half full glass is actually a full glass, no? 😉

    I’m tired of all the “optimist/pessimist” criteria that people feel they need to shove on you. Like you say, it’s all about perspective, and that comes from the individual experiencing the perspective, not the person criticizing it.

    Maybe if they spent more time analyzing why a semi-full glass of liquid bothers them so much, they’d have a happier life themselves. Just a thought. 🙂

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